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To reach specific goals and/or sport specifics. This program is designed around your daily schedule and availability. Let’s talk about your goals and get started.

Personal Training

Developing a Fitness Plan That Works For You

Personal training at Fit Results is a service that will give you the results you deserve, faster, with personal attention and detail given in various areas of your fitness goals and vision. Our comprehensive assessment of the correct fitness program personally designed for you, consists of a consultation of understanding your fitness goals, medical issues or conditions, and any other limitations so that the right program can be implemented and successfully executed.

Fit Results leverages its experience with power lifting and endurance training, to provide a balanced cardio and resistance program that will stimulate you during each session. We log all of your progress each session, while also keeping track of all rest and repetitions during a session, and keep you on track so that you can see progress each week.

Our custom designed personal training programs are successful because we know it is important to set realistic goals, develop proper nutrition habits, and take necessary measurements at intervals to design, and later modify a program based on progress. We provide follow up assessments every 4 weeks.

Personal training appointments are scheduled around your availability, so give us a call to schedule your first session.

For those who prefer a personalized one-on-one training experience, we offer personal training. Sessions are designed to reach your specific goals for weight loss, lean muscle gain, endurance, sports achievement, or simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle.