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Group and Personal Training Offerings


The high intensity Bootcamp mixes up your fitness routine, combining endurance with strength training. Targets the human body’s every plane of motion. Every class is never the same. This is not crossfit. Join this cross-training program and enjoy burning calories during class plus up to 36 hrs. post-workout. Read More…

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Monday: 6AM

Tuesday: 7AM, 12PM, 5:30PM, 8:30PM


Thursday: 7AM,

Friday: 6AM, 5:30PM

Saturday: 11AM

Triple 20

Triple 20 is a unique fitness concept designed by Fit-Results owner and Certified Personal Trainer Lou Centeno. It integrates rowing, cycling and functional training (resistance & calisthenics). Designed to enhance endurance and weight-loss. Give a kick to the old training regimen. Maximizing calorie burn during and post-workout. Up to 36 hours of calorie burn! Read more…

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Monday: 12PM, 7:30PM

Tuesday: 6AM, 6:30PM

Wednesday: 7:30PM

Thursday: 6AM, 6:30PM

Friday: 12PM

Saturday: 10AM

Personal Training

For individuals who prefer a 1 on 1 personalized training program. To reach specific goals and/or sport specifics. This program is designed around your daily schedule and availability. Read more…

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Monday: 6AM, 5:30PM

Tuesday: 7AM, 12PM, 5:30PM

Wednesday: 8:30PM

Thursday: 7AM, 12PM, 5:30PM

Friday: 6AM, 5:30PM

Saturday: 11AM

Semi 1 on 1 Training

A high demand for one-on-one personal training inspired Semi 1-on-1 Training. This is the same program as PT, but offered in a small group setting with a maximum of four people per session. It is a fraction of the financial investment for the same personal training program designed just for you. Read more…

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Monday: 1PM, 6:30PM

Tuesday: 7:30PM

Wednesday: 1PM, 6:30PM

Thursday: 7:30PM

Friday: 1PM, 6:30PM 7:30PM

Saturday: 12PM 1PM

Triple 20/Bootcamp Combo

This was personally designed by Fit-Results and CPT Lou Centeno. The Triple 20/Bootcamp combo class reaps all the benefits of the Triple 20 with the added benefit of room for creativity through one-minute intervals. Read more…

View Triple 20/Bootcamp Combo Schedule

Monday: 5:30PM

Wednesday: 6AM, 12PM, 5:30PM

Thursday: 7:30PM

Saturday: 8AM

Nutrition Planning

Application of Sports Nutrition Certification knowledge with the assistance provided by a Licensed Nutritionist. We offer Meal Planning for your advantageous benefit. The configuration of each person’s Basal Metabolic Rate and designing a healthy caloric counted meal plan with an active lifestyle has proven to be very effective. Opposed to eating an uncounted caloric intake even with an active lifestyle.


FitResults is helping me to reach my personal fitness goals. Bootcamp is a great class because it incorporates the cardio I need and the weight training I enjoy. When I started, I hadn’t exercised seriously in years. I was worried about feeling behind or out of place, but I am inspired working side by side with people at all fitness levels.


I have received so many compliments from the members and have seen so many gains over this year in semi training that I am always looking for the next challenge as each session brings a different level of PAIN! Tell Lou your goals and he will deliver!!!Semi 1on1 personal training is the new NOW! Thanks LOU for a fitter, healthier and stronger me.

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