Best Trainers In Chicago


Why did you want to become a trainer?

I became a trainer because it’s always been a passion to workout and to see others meet their goals with visible results! I’ve always admired anyone who puts work in themselves through fitness and always loved being part of their journey. With my own fitness journey, I had a lot of people asking me what exact exercises do I do and what diet do I follow and from there it opened the door to becoming a trainer. I realized that not only did I have a passion with meeting my own fitness goals for myself, but I started realizing how much I had a passion on making sure others around me were on track with the correct movements and nutrition. You only have one body for the rest of your life and I love helping people keep a healthy and strong one! I am fairly new to Fit-results and learning as I go, but when I see the sweat people give off during my class and the smiles they give me when it’s over that it was tough but worth it, really is the best gift to a trainer.


If you really knew me, you would know that…

Outside of my fitness world, I am a radiation therapist helping those in the fight of all types of cancer. So, anyone that gives me an excuse that they have long hours in their job and too tired to workout, THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE! If I can do it, you can do it too! For fun I love to dance, travel to different places I never been, love thrilling adventures such as zip-lining, skydiving and scuba diving. Huge dog lover and dog mom to the cutest mini schnauzer named Gizmo.


Describe your favorite workout for yourself?

My favorite workout is legs and glutes! I know a lot of people will disagree and hate when leg day comes around but I love it! I can’t get tired of squats, deadlifts and lunges. Those three musketeers are your lower body’s best friends, they will never steer you wrong! I usually mix up different variations of the three of course throughout my workouts to not get bored of repetition. Some of my favorite different variations are, curtsy lunges, Bulgarian spilt squats, sumo squats and so much more! I also do exercises that solely just isolate the glutes such as fire hydrants and straight leg glute kickbacks.  If you come to my class and it’s a lower body day you are in for a treat! Besides who doesn’t like strong legs and some nice glutes???


How can you describe your diet and nutrition?

My diet is an overall balance. I don’t believe in any crash diets or the term dieting society has made it seem to be. Eating healthy is not “dieting” it is a life choice for yourself to give your body the proper nutrition for your overall wellbeing. Monday through Friday I try to keep my meals low on carbs, lean protein and filled with veggies and fruits. I personally love salmon and is mostly what I eat for dinner and it is a good choice overall with its richness in healthy omega-3s and high quality protein! Now, I am no fitness god and I do cheat from time to time. My weakness is ice cream! Who doesn’t love ice cream?! And as for weekends I do eat out with higher carbs intake then should have but that’s okay! As long as you moderate yourself and put in work into your workout you earn it! I am a believer as well of detoxing, I do it about 2-4 times a year for 14 days, where I drink a morning and night detox tea and eat clean with no cheating during the detox periods.


What life and/or fitness goals are you working towards?

My ultimate fitness goals are consistency and building a stronger core. It’s hard sometimes when work drains you out or if you have the winter blues and sometimes you want to just lay on the couch all night. Overall with consistency I been pretty good, but I do go through phases where I just do not want to do it from being so tired from outside factors such as work. With having a strong core in general I feel it is so important in all exercises! Especially, when you challenge yourself with heavier sets to any exercise, your core gives you that extra lift and keeps your form in check!


What’s your number one fitness tip?

My number one fitness tip is, do not let more than 3 days pass without getting a workout in! It’s my golden fitness rule, once three days pass without working out, it’s like starting all over again! Consistency is key to seeing results!


Fit-results is…

your second home surrounded with positive attitudes and goal achievers!


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