Why did you decide to be come a trainer?

I became a trainer to help people push their limits so they can become their best selves. The human body is amazing and many people struggle with what level they can push it to, or even how to. There’s something extremely rewarding about pushing those mental and physical limits and I want to help people feel that everyday.


If you really knew me, you would know that

I love to cook and bake. Everything from healthy stews to sinful cheesecakes, pizzas, and lasagna.

Favorite workout:

I love anything high intensity, AMRAPs, Tabatas, and sprints! Anything that leaves me on the ground with nothing left give. If it’s hurtin, it’s workin!



It’s simply eating with a purpose. Why are you eating what you are eating? Is it to indulge or is it for fuel? Changing the mindset from always eating for enjoyment, to eating to help your body is the easiest thing you can do to eat healthy. I’m eating this apple to give me energy for my workout, I’m eating this steak to help build muscle for the lifts I did yesterday, rather than just eating a pizza because it tastes good. Eating clean and eating for taste isn’t mutually exclusive either! Eating clean for your body can taste good!


Life/Fitness Goals

I want to love more, eat better food, drink good wine, and work happier. Good fitness is just the catalyst for me to do that.


Number 1 Fitness Tip

Fitness is not a participation sport. It’s a competition and you’re only competing with one person, yourself. You have one job, when that little voice in your head tells you skip those last burpees because you’re tired, or put that dumbbell down because it’s getting heavy, you ignore it and push through. That’s how you win and that’s how you become better.


Fit-Results is…

Fit Results is my escape. No matter what problems I have, I know being around that community levels me out and brings me back to earth. Some people escape in a book, some in a movie, I escape in my workouts at Fit Results.

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