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Try our unique concept, Triple 20, that involves rowing, cycling, and functional training. We also offer Bootcamps, Triple 20/Bootcamp combination classes, as well as Personal, and Semi Private Training. Talk to us now about your fitness goals.

Triple 20

Started in 2013, Triple 20 is a door opener for weight-loss seekers, endurance athletes, and anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit. The impetus for Triple 20 originated from a triathlon format, consisting of running, swimming, and biking, in that order, and without a break. This is a unique program that is only offered at Fit Results, Triple 20 integrates rowing, cycling, and functional training so you can reach your goals in a group setting, via short intense interval training.

All Triple 20 classes feature 2 and 4 minute interval circuits designed on a weekly program basis. Each class introduces different exercises and new challenges to keep you coming back, and each week of class addresses all muscle groups so you can avoid over-training, plateaus, and injuries.

Why Triple 20 Over Other Workouts?

A typical Triple 20 class will allow a participant to burn about 500 calories in the hour. Your body will continue to burn calories during the body repair cycle, possibly between 200 and 300 calories, as a result of resistance training. Cardio fitness alone tends to burn fewer calories due to a shorter window of body repair. Please note that individual results do vary.

From the music, to the encouragement and support of Fit Results instructors, Triple 20 provides a unique experience that is unmatched. Achieving results are at the forefront of the program’s objectives. Triple 20 provides variety that spin class or a regular fitness routine at the gym cannot provide. Experience body enlightenment in Triple 20, whether it be cross-punching and torso-twisting while cycling, high intensity rowing, kettlebell swings, planks, and much more.

Come try this unique concept and push yourself!