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Try our unique concept, Triple 20, that involves rowing, cycling, and functional training. We also offer Bootcamps, Triple 20/Bootcamp combination classes, as well as Personal, and Semi Private Training. Talk to us now about your fitness goals.

Triple 20/Bootcamp Combo Class

The Triple 20 Bootcamp combo class integrates the Triple 20 concept — rowing, cycling, and functional training — with the fast-paced energy of bootcamp. Suitable for any fitness level, the combo class’s one minute intervals provide the intensity experienced athletes need for training and the variety newcomers need to keep the minutes flying by.

Triple 20 Bootcamp is designed on a weekly program basis, every combo class circuit contains an interval of rowing and cycling, plus multiple new stations every class to include battling ropes, push-ups, pull-ups, VIPR/TRX training, and many more. You’ll be moving quickly, and your trainer and fellow classmates will help you keep up and get the most out of your workout.

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