Resolution and Summer Bodies

Resolutions and Summer Bodies

Setting Resolutions at the end of a calendar year or beginning thereof can be a double edge sword. A fitness goal that may work for one doesn’t necessarily for the next person. On the contrary making big changes to someone’s lifestyle can cause discouragement and lose motivation in the end.

Setting Goals. Start setting small attainable goals that can surely be reached. Being patient and consistent will get you there. Ambitious goals that are not realistic will be an entrapment to your success.

The first step is always the hardest step to take which is starting now. Don’t think about it, just do it! If it’s Wednesday don’t start Monday. Start there and then or next day. Make small changes to your nutrition. If you drink soda, eat, sweets, or too many carbs etc… Start with one. The one you love the most. Reduce the amount you intake daily and continue to reduce the amount every couple of days or weekly. Whatever is easiest for you to maintain. It’s all about maintaining the lifestyle without just giving up saying “it’s too strict or difficult.” Don’t make drastic changes like fasting or those unsustainable diets like a “all juicing.” Small steps…. remember! You got this.

Accountability. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that will keep you motivated as you will uplift one another when motivation lacks in anyone. The camaraderie involved in fitness classes with those that hold you accountable will create a bond like no other. A fitness family is not one that lives in the gym, it lives everywhere you go. The mental toughness you push through together doesn’t end in the gym. You learn to apply it in your average daily living. At work, with friends, family and life events. In the end you will hopefully create change in your family too.

Pictured: Fit Results Gym in the Southloop Rated #1 in Chicago

Fit Results Chicago Gym BootCamp Southloop

Setting Goals. Set goals and start making small changes until it becomes a habit. Instead of making resolutions just think about a goal you wish to reach. Start by taking small steps that will ultimately get you to that fitness goal or whatever it may be you’re trying to attain.

Summer bodies and health are not made at the end of a calendar year. They’re made and maintained all year around. Everyone is guilty of procrastinating to some degree. What matters is jumping back on the bandwagon and continuing your journey. We have all fallen down, and may fall again. A great community is going to lift you back up and not leave you on the ground. That’s because your goals do matter.

Click link below: Chicago’s abc7 News touches on fitness and goals for the summer. How too much of something can be bad. It’s all about balance. Summer is not only about rooftop parties and cookouts.

abc7 News Chicago Summer Body

As summer winds down goal setting is not dead. Set the bar high and mark the small steps you need to take, join that community or workout buddy. The camaraderie that will build your mental toughness, make you stronger, leaner and the better version of yourself. Make yourself a priority as nobody else will do it for you.

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