Is Eating Too Healthy Bad?

Is Eating Too Healthy Bad?

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Eating healthy can lead to a huge lifestyle change.  Both Good and Bad.

When you spend time following individual’s fitness progress you tend to ask questions like “How are you?” “How are you feeling?” “How’s your progress?” “How have you been eating?” etc…  and simply because lack of sleep, high stress levels, insufficient water intake and improper diet like eating too healthy are huge factors to a Training Program.

Modifying a Training Program can alway be done if the situation is expressed but often times it’s personal and not expressed or shared. BMR is essential to living healthy. Proper Nutrition cannot be over expressed if you want healthy goals versus fast unsustainable ones. Making a lifestyle change should be a smooth transition from the previous to eating healthy. Small steps will get you there. Do some research prior to following a fad. Doctor’s recommendations are usually to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and less processed foods.


Eating organic is usually more expensive. Go with whatever works best. Ask your doctor for recommendations on healthy eating and choices.

Follow link on a great article describing how “Eating Too Healthy Can Be A Bad Thing.”

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