Holiday Present Ideas For Someone Involved in Fitness

Holiday presents can be difficult to choose from when the person is actively involved with fitness and you have the slightest clue. Going over reviews is a good help but that’s basically someone’s opinion and their preference.

  • If person is a runner there’s a few things to consider. If he/she enjoys running outdoors no matter what the temperature. Check out Black Diamond, Arc’teryx Shell  Jackets. They are the best in waterproof and windproof to eliminate the additional layers. A good shell and base layer is all you need.
  • Triathlete/Runner/Cyclist: A GPS Watch by Suunto. It measures laps in pool (with or without GPS) heart rate strap optional, Cycling (Measure distance & cadence with GPS) heart rate is optional; Runner (It measures distance/pace) heart rate optional. I have had personal experience with the Suunto Brand. They are very resistant and less expensive than Garmin.
  • Cyclist: A bike pouch is priceless. Don’t forget a fix flat kit, plastic tools to get tire off & a CO2 cartridge to fill tire. Lights for a Bicycle are essential when that person rides everywhere.
  • Climber/Hiker: Suunto watch can also be used for the compass it has, its barometer, barometric altimeter and rugged construction.
  • An active person: A fitbit is pretty good to use for step counter, and syncs to most apps out there including apps that are used by gyms to reserve for classes.
  • Any active person that runs, climbs stairs, cross training, swims or cycles. You cannot go wrong with a foam roller. Get a medium – firm so it can last longer. Best place to look is
  • Any active person that runs, cross trains, swims, cycles. Get him/her a Thera Cane. Its a self massage stick that reaches anywhere to deep tissue massage certain troubled areas.
  • Any active person that needs to get kinks out of hard to reach areas. A Lacrosse Ball is priceless.
  • Running shoes: You may want to consider Brooks gore-tex if used in the rain & snow. There is a few selection of Brooks depending on the stability issues on an individual basis.
  • Cross Training Shoes: Make sure you get some with less drop as possible, minimal type of shoe. You don’t want to have the back of shoe higher than the front like a running shoe. Reebok has some good shoes like the nano 5.0 and also New Balance makes some good shoes.
  • Trail or workout shoes: Salomon Shoes are the strongest and most lasting shoe ever invented. I’ve had the Elite 2d’s which lasted forever. The Sense Pro Trail Running Shoe is their best yet and latest minimal type of shoe.  The XR Mission was great for winter considering that not being gore-tex and feet stayed dry.

Hope this helped someone make their mind up on the above essentials for someone active and involved in fitness. When you have the right gear it makes all the difference in the world.

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