Fitness Journey & Fitness Family

Fit Results is a unique place because of the community of people that you come to know and love.  We are like a family who all have the same goals of being our best selves physically.  This family has been a major part of my fitness journey. 

In July 2018 I found myself not living a 100% fulfilled life because I would always be so physically tired which caused me to not enjoy the things that I really loved.  At that time, I weighed a solid 240 LBS.  A good friend of mine who is a fellow member would always post videos of her workouts, and for at least a year I would tell her that I was going to come and take a class.
Well, considering my thoughts at the time about myself and how I wanted to improve physically, I showed up!   My life has never been the same since.  Taking classes daily and changing my eating habits have helped me to achieve simple wins physically that I am extremely proud of like being able to do pullups, running a 10-minute mile, and dropping over 30 LBS. 

All in less than a year!  Fit Results is more than a gym, but I will say it again…it’s a family, and like a family I know the Fit Results team and its members (especially the 5AM crew) have my back.  We are ALL winning…by any means necessary!

Stay Focused..


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