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Out with the old and in with the new! Well that is unless some of the old means keeping some of the positive habits that you picked up during the year.  Usually the start of a new year tends to bring a lot of excitement but also some anxiety because there are new expectations.  Some see the New Year as the catalyst that should cause change towards a better year but that isn’t always the case.  For those who see the New Year and resolutions as stressful, you’re not alone.  But that doesn’t mean you should continue to stress, there are ways that you can tackle those goals and achievements without them overtaking your life!


Whether the goals are big or small, we can’t complete them all at the same time. Here are a few ways to keep you excited and on track towards achieving your goals:







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Vision Board Parties

Many of us have heard about vision boards – and how they can help you visualize your goals. You can read more about vision boards at:  Growing up, my swim coaches used to have us visualize our races and picture ourselves during the events.  An article in Business Insider states that visualization is about creating a “lifelike experience that your body believes it could be real.”  The same with the vision board, it is about attaching feelings and emotions to what is being placed on the board.  It can be about things you would like to achieve or something you want to work on about yourself.  Plus making it a party with friends makes it a fun event and something that will remind you of your goals throughout the year.


Have accountability buddies/Support system

Whether it’s your family, your friends or your gym, don’t forget that having a support system is important.  Yes, we can all achieve our goals on our own, but it’s an awesome feeling to be able to share our successes with others we love and care about.  Other times when we struggle to make it to the gym or need someone to practice a speech on, we can have a buddy to help keep us accountable.  Then if we cancel or don’t follow through, we know there is someone else counting on us.  It’s hard but it makes our goals more attainable and closer to reach.





Make the time for your goals – planner or phone calendar

I know I am guilty of this, of saying “Oh I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow” or “I’ll do my long run Sunday and my other run on Friday” and then just forget about them.  One way that has helped me is to write things down somewhere I can see often.  Or an alarm.  I do enjoy paper planners and decorating dates with different colors, which means I get to see what I have planned for a while in advance.  Other friends love the calendar reminders on their phone.  I now use both and it helps to keep me on track.  It might seem simple but it is effective.






Set short-term goals

Sure, it would be great to get through all of our goals at the same time, but is that really realistic?  Sometimes some of our goals are much too big that when we don’t reach them, we feel like we have failed.  I have done that in the past.  I tried to go for a marathon time that was much too fast for me and I felt like a failure.  What I failed to notice were the milestones that I had completed.  I had done my longest run, and a 20 miler before that.  I had done speed work. Don’t let the end goal be the be-all end-all, but instead set smaller goals that will get you closer to the finish line.  You can celebrate and appreciate each small achievement and feel proud of yourself.


The New Year should be a time to reminisce on what we accomplished the past year and also to set some new resolutions.  It can also be about working on the ones we missed last year.  Not everyone likes the term “New Year’s resolutions,” and you don’t have to call it that.  You can look at them as your everyday goals.  There is no right or wrong way to go about doing something.  Each person will go at their own pace and will have different goals they want to achieve but no matter what, we are here for you and to celebrate each milestone.  And if you’re looking for a buddy to go for a run or a swim, count me in, I’m always up for a good training. Let’s start the year off great!


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