Outdoor Bootcamps

April 2021: Spring is finally here!

Spring is finally here FitResults Fam!

We made it through another cold and snowy Chicago winter.  The sun is coming out, the temperature is warming up, and we know what that means…Outdoor boot camps are back, Woohoo!  To get in the spirit of spring, we will be sharing some tips on what to wear when you join us outdoors.


While it might not be tank top and short weather quite yet, you can definitely get away with leaving the heavy jackets and snow pants at home.  Wearing layers is the most important thing and is the best way to dress for cooler, spring weather exercise because the layers trap air, which is a good insulator.  And once the body warms up (as we know it will), you can shed the outer layer.


For bottoms we recommend leggings, and on the cooler days, an extra pair of loose sweats to wear before you get your body warmed up.  We would suggest wearing a base layer of a T-shirt or long sleeve that is made of breathable and moisture wicking fabric.  It should fit snuggly against your skin but not so tight it restricts your movement.  If the temperature is cooler, throw on another looser, long sleeve layer.  Top it off with a light jacket, windbreaker or vest and you’re ready to do some burpees!


If you plan on attending the early morning outdoor classes, a hat and gloves might be a good idea to wear while you’re doing the warm up.  Also keep in mind the ground might be damp, so wearing shoes with more tread will allow for better grip and less slipping when you are doing hill sprints.

And two last item essentials: water and sunscreen! Stay hydrated (during all seasons) and protect that skin from the sun.

Let’s make it a great month, Fit Fam!

Outdoor Bootcamps
Outdoor Bootcamps

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