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Lou Centeno, Certified Personal Trainer

Lou Centeno

Lou Centeno

Manager / Lead Trainer

About the Team

Lou is driven by his desire to help people set and meet their personal fitness goals. Lou knows when it comes to fitness, all it takes is dedication. From a power-lifting background, Lou made a 180 degree turn to endurance sports. He decided to change it up to simply show his expertise and love for fitness.

He is sharing this experience with people at all fitness levels. Lou believes that dedication to fitness requires discipline, focusing towards a specific health and fitness goal. With his own personal fitness expertise and patience, Lou will be there to push you to achieve your fitness dreams.

Check Out Lou’s Races and Times

  • Chicago 10 Miler, April 2012, Time 1:16

  • Chicago South Shore 13.1, June 2012, Time 1:36

  • 70.3 Ironman Steelhead, August 2012, Time 5:48

  • 70.3 Ironman Racine, July 2013, Time 5:20

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