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Blog Post Member highlight: Ciera Smith


Meet Fit Results member, Ciera Smith. Ciera is a transplant from Philadelphia and is an Academic & Curriculum Coordinator and Full-time Grad Student.


Ms. Smith has always been heavier but made sure to stay active playing sports from middle school through college. Once she graduated college and relocated to Chicago, she was in search of something that would allow her to be consistent with working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In 2018, she made the personal decision to make changes to live a holistic healthy life, both mentally and physically. Having had past exposure with Crossfit, she was in search for something similar and after a Google search in June, came across Fit Results. She didn’t immediately join. It wasn’t until she attended a wedding in July and after being tired of looking at all of the pictures and not liking what she saw, that she decide to make a change. That night after the wedding, she bought her intro membership and took her first class on July 15th. She began her journey at Fit Results and was consistent for a full month before she fell off the bandwagon. With persistence and a strong will to change, she jumped back onboard in September and hasn’t looked back since.


Initially, Ciera’s goals were physical at first. She wanted to see lower numbers on the scale, to become stronger, and to be able to do things she never imagined being able to do like pull-ups, box jumps and lifting heavy. Ultimately, she wanted health and fitness to be her adopted lifestyle and although she hasn’t met all of her goals, she realizes “showing up,” being consistent and persistent will get her closer to attaining them. Working out has transformed Ciera both mentally and physically.


Ms. Smith admits the reason it took so long for her to begin her membership, is because she thought she would walk into a space where everyone was “fast and in shape.” She feared she would feel incredibly self-conscious, but soon realized Fit Results is for every fitness level, age, and ability.


When asked what Ciera likes most about the gym she said, “I love that I never feel self-conscious in that space and am always getting pushed no matter whose class I go to. I love that I can be myself, and the music – it always gets me hype.”


Fit Results is blessed to be given the opportunity to be a part of someone’s life like Ciera’s on a daily basis. 


When you see Ciera at the gym, be sure to give her a HIGH FIVE and congratulate her on her achievements!




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